For those who think they’re not in the software business, it’s time to think again...

With so many new, innovative uses for software in the financial services industry today, they are becoming table stakes for businesses to compete. Forward-thinking businesses are continually searching for original ways to use technology to enhance their offerings, making software now an essential part of their brand. Businesses are actually treating software like one of their products, as they are finding they must put the same innovation and design into it as they do their core products.

Going through your daily routine at home and at work, if you stop and notice, you’ll find that software is playing an ever larger role in your everyday activities.

No longer is software confined to your computer. It is spreading to meet your needs wherever you are and whenever you need it. Software is on your phone, your car dashboard, your refrigerator door, your home security system, even your athletic shoes! It’s replacing the need for books, televisions, GPS’s, checkbooks, and other standalone items.

With the combination of mobile, smart products, social media, data visualization and analytics, software is starting to invade every aspect of our lives as businesses realize the incredible opportunity it offers to provide their products and services in a new way.

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