A MEAN Stack Case Study – Lightning-Fast Breaking News Alerts and Distribution Hub

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Posted on Thu, Jan 15, 2015 @ 9:43 am


Client: A National Television Broadcasting Company

Client Need: The Client’s original mobile Breaking New Alerts and Distribution Hub was built to handle significantly fewer subscribers than the 16 million iOS subscribers and 9 million Android subscribers it had amassed over the years. On this older platform, there was a 16-minute lag from when news editors entered a story to when subscribers actually received the alert on their mobile device.

In the business of breaking news, where reputation relies upon delivering immediate, accurate news, every moment counts. The Client felt it was imperative that the platform be rebuilt to send out news alerts nearly instantly.


Platform must be –

  • Built to scale, so it will last for many years and to handle many more subscribers
  • Designed to store and retrieve millions of records and to filter them by platform within seconds to send out news notifications quickly
  • Completed very quickly, as this project was a top priority for the Client

Solution: OFS designed, architected, and deployed a completely new ADH platform that delivers all alerts to subscribers in under 1 minute. The old application used a traditional relational DB to store and retrieve the millions of subscription records, and the news notifications were sent out sequentially, one-by-one, for the millions of subscribers, resulting in the long lag time. Our new approach utilizes a batch concept, which sorts records based on platform and stores them in unconventional MongoDB.

Additionally, the sequential notification approach was changed to multiple applications running asynchronously using a cloud-based 3rd-party system. We also built the new platform to scale, to handle up to 1 billion users, so it will last a long time for the Client as they accumulate more subscribers. OFS brought the deep computer science expertise needed to architect and engineer this new platform for optimal performance, and we acted quickly, completing the working model for Maverick in only 7 weeks.

Platforms Migrated: Maverick, iOS, Android, Windows 8, etc.

Technologies UsedNode.js, Mongo DB, Iron.Io

Result: The Client quickly received a new ADH platform that delivers all news alerts to subscribers nearly instantly, in less than a minute. The platform is built to scale and capable of managing up to 1 billion subscribers, so it will last the Client for many years to come. The Client has stated that this is the best vendor relationship they have experienced in the last 9 years.


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