A MEAN Stack Case Study – Smart TV App for a Leading Television Network

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Posted on Tue, Dec 16, 2014 @ 12:00 pm


Client:  A Leading Sports Television Network

Client Need:  The Client wanted to increase viewer engagement and extend viewership time during their broadcast of a major upcoming sporting event. By securing higher TV audience ratings, they could increase their advertising revenue from program sponsors. They decided they wanted to build an app for Samsung Smart TVs for this purpose, which viewers could download directly onto their TV, as well as an app to work on Android mobile devices for on-the-go viewers or those without a smart TV.


  • Must work on all 2013 and 2014 Samsung Smart TVs
  • Must perform well even on low-end smart TVs
  • Must be able to cast the media (photos/news/videos) from any Samsung Android phone/tablet with the app installed
  • Must auto-refresh the content to show the latest from the feed
  • Must store user specific data (like favorite players) locally
  • Must support Closed Captioning of live stream videos

Solution: OFS developed the app, which was the first-ever event-based experience app designed for the Samsung Smart TV Platform in this sport. From the very start of competition, the app brings the action right into users’ homes. Consumers are able to dive deeper into the competition from the comfort of their couches using their Samsung Smart TV and Galaxy mobile devices to get exclusive content, including… To view the rest of the case study, click the button below!


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