How Smart TV Apps Are Giving Brands a Digital Edge

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Posted on Tue, Apr 22, 2014 @ 7:00 am


Though smart TV’s have been around for several years, businesses involved in television programming and ads are just now beginning to take advantage of the possibilities they offer for engaging viewers. Smart TV’s add a whole new layer of engagement to the traditional TV viewing experience. Watching TV is no longer a one-sided experience, where viewers passively observe and listen. It is now an interactive experience, with digital apps embedded right in your TV! By providing interesting digital content and convenient purchasing opportunities that connect with a TV show, channel, or commercial, businesses can elevate their viewer’s experience and extend their customer’s engagement with their brand.

With the advanced capabilities of the latest Samsung Smart TV’s, an abundance of smart TV software apps are being developed by businesses hoping to capitalize on this emerging technology. Many of these apps go well beyond just providing the ability to go online or access an existing application through your TV. Smart TV apps are being developed to pair perfectly with the TV viewing experience. These differ greatly from mobile apps, as they have a much larger screen size to work with, are manipulated by remote control, and are accessed solely for the purpose of enhancing the television program the user is watching.

ObjectFrontier recently worked with a client to develop a smart TV app to accompany a major upcoming sporting event the client is broadcasting. Viewers will be able to watch all the excitement of the sporting event while they simultaneously access the app to view in-depth info and stats including player bios and background, performance history stats, comparisons to other players, photos of past competitions, and detailed layouts of the competition sites. The app puts the control in the viewers’ hands, allowing them to find out what they want to know, when they want to know it. Sports announcers can only say so much while covering a live event, so smart TV apps like this let sports fan viewers instantly find the stats and info they crave, right on their TV!

By providing viewers with more of what they’re looking for, smart TV apps are creating a deeper, more interactive television experience that causes viewers to linger longer on these programs and channels. For any station looking to increase their viewership and make more money in advertising, smart TV apps provide an ideal way to attract and engage viewers in this modern tech world.

But their effect goes beyond just businesses in the television industry and extends to any business that advertises or appears on TV, as the airtime of their product or service can be linked up to software that gives the viewer immediate access to their brand. For example, while viewers are watching a show, they can click to learn more about the specific clothing and fashions they see actors wearing, instantly finding out who makes them, how much they cost, and then ordering them on the spot if they so wish! While watching commercials, viewers can similarly click on a product they’re interested in, find out the full details, and place an order if desired!

With this ability for the viewer to delve deeper into the products they see on the screen, a brand could actually create an individualized, custom experience for each viewer through intelligent software. By incorporating advanced data analytics that allow a TV to “learn” the behaviors and preferences of its owner(s), brands could gain insight into their customer and better market to them through personalized, immediate experiences in their TV apps, rather than relying solely upon their brief, generic TV commercials to get their message across.

Software has great potential to impact branding for any company involved in television programming or ads. In looking at the 4 dimensions of Forrester’s “TRUE” brand compass for building a stronger brand, quality smart TV apps have the ability to propel businesses forward in all 4 areas:

  • Trusted – Provide your TV app users with accurate, up-to-the minute information related to the products or shows they’re watching so they turn to you as their trusted source for enhanced TV programming.
  • Remarkable – Synchronizing your TV app with a broadcast creates an enhanced, interactive experience that will be sure to get people talking.
  • Unmistakable – Get your smart TV apps out there early and you’ll be known as a technology forerunner in today’s world of tech-savvy customers.
  • Essential – Viewers will seek out your channel or product first as the elevated level of entertainment and convenience your smart TV apps provide becomes a “necessary” in their lives.

Software in TVs is changing the game for any brand involved in television ads or programming. Smart TV apps allow businesses to go from just talking at people in their shows or commercials to actually engaging them in an experience. Rather than branding themselves “on” TV, businesses can now brand themselves through a TV because of the interactive software they provide!

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