OFS can help you create a new, innovative experience for customers without losing the benefits they expect from your current features.

What We Offer

Activities & Support
  • 6-week discovery phase:
    • Sprint 1: Discover & Record
    • Sprint 2: Analyze & Propose Solution
  • Team
    • 1 Lead Engineer (Onsite)
    • 2 Developers (Offshore)

By refactoring your legacy products with the latest social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies, we seek to revitalize your platform while keeping the features and functionalities that have been essential to your success. Here’s how:

Get to know our Tech Rescue team

legacy product

We get to know your legacy product, inside and out. We assess the codes, features, and architecture behind your current technology platform and show you exactly how your legacy product works from the ground up.

requirements for the future

We explore your technology requirements for the future. We ask the right questions to understand where your business is going and how we can enhance your technology to meet the needs you will have as your business continues to grow.


We design new architecture that preserves the business logic behind your legacy product. We take the features and capabilities of your legacy product and make it accessible to your customers wherever they are and however they connect with you.


We work with you to provide resources at a reasonable price. After assessing your needs and requirements, we put together the right resources to handle your digital transformation.