Gamified Software for Customer Loyalty

We can help engage your customers and increase their interaction with your products and services by gamifying your software to harness your customers’ natural human desires to explore and master new things. Through the application of motivational theory and gaming elements like points, badges, leaderboards, competitions, and quests, OFS designs software that entertains your user while serving your business objectives.  

We partner with leading gamification specialists to design and build clever, engaging mobile and web-based apps that drive customer loyalty and sales. Our software can track and reward all interactions between your consumers and your brand—visiting your website, viewing products, signing up for an email list, writing a review, posting to social media, and many others. Assigning points and gamified activities with these actions encourages your customers to complete them, as it appeals to their innate human desires for achievement and competition, resulting in increased exposure with your brand. 

But it goes much beyond just points. OFS understands the importance of balance in game design – a game that’s too easy will bore your users, but one that’s too hard will frustrate them. A game too complex will confuse users, while one too simple will disenchant them. We design using the 3 M’s as our guiding principles- Motivation, Momentum, and Meaning. With these as the focus, we ensure that our gamified applications will succeed in accomplishing your business objectives. 

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