Quality Assurance

We understand just how much you put into your products to pack them full of features and innovations. With the help of OFS, you can execute a successful product launch by properly testing all these features so your release is a seamless one, pleasing your customers and strengthening your reputation.  

With over 15 years of experience building top-notch commercial software for ourselves and our customers, we’ve gained a deep knowledge of how to ensure quality. It starts right up front, using requirements checklists and design reviews to make sure we’re building the right thing before we start. Once the code is written and walked-through, there are numerous techniques and tools we use to verify quality in the delivered software: 

  • Unit Testing – Modern software techniques demand that developers deliver a rich set of unit test cases at turnover time that can be run through with tools such as JUnit and NUnit.
  • Test Case Development – Our specialists can turn a set of user requirements and software designs into a detailed set of test cases with expected results that can be executed manually or using an automated testing tool. 
  • Testing—Manual and Automated – We have specialists who can conduct manual tests, where the tester uses the software directly and probes for problems, as well as automated tests, where the analyst builds scripts that simulate use of the software with tools such as Mercury and Rational. These automated tests can be run daily, as part of an automated build cycle, to catch errors early in the development cycle. 
  • Performance Testing – Making sure your software gives quick responses under all load scenarios (CPU, database, network, etc.) is key to having your product serve your entire market. We can put your software through its paces using market-leading performance testing software such as LoadRunner (licensed separately).
  • Regression Testing – While your domain specialists are testing the latest releases’ new features, our testers can go through your ever-growing list of existing features to make sure they still work properly. We can do this either manually or using a suite of automated test cases already built. 

We know that your software is your reputation, so trust OFS to help you strengthen it with our tried-and-true quality assurance expertise. 

Commercial Software