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ObjectFrontier (OFS) panelist joins in a discussion of AI and Blockchain in Healthcare at Goizueta Business School

Transforming healthcare through technology is no longer the Sisyphean task it once was. Technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) are helping to drive change, prevent illnesses and reshape healthcare IT. These two technologies are beginning to change the huge business of healthcare and will continue to transform the industry in many important ways in the future.

Ganeshram Ramamurthy, Technical Architect at OFS, was among six panelists who discussed how new healthcare possibilities are enabled by leveraging artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.

The recent discussion was moderated by Professor Benn Konsynski, who is the George S. Craft Distinguished Professor of Business Administration for Information Systems and Operations Management at Emory University in Atlanta. The event was sponsored by Atlanta Applied Artificial intelligence and Health Futures Forum and was held on Thursday, February 22, 2018

The panel-led discussion on “AI and Blockchain in Healthcare” included the following panelists:

  • Frank Mascarenhas - CEO, Touchpointz
  • Nicole Morris - Emory Law Schooland Director of TI:GER
  • Ganeshram Ramamurthy - Technical Architect, ObjectFrontier Software
  • Thomas Savel - Director of the Informatics Innovation Unit, CDC
  • Chrissa McFarlane - CEO, Patientory
  • Roop Singh - Founder and Principal, Intuit Factory

This panel shared their thoughts on how the combination of AI and blockchain technologies is a game changer in the healthcare industry, with implications for patient records, predictive analytics, payer-provider relationships and doctor/patient relationships.

  • The blockchain technology trend toward more patient control will challenge the assumption of who owns or has rights to patient data
  • Growing ecosystem of private blockchains mature and evolve
  • Blockchaintechnology can provide more options for patients about where to go for their healthcare needs, including a huge growth in freestanding clinics
  • AI will also help regional hospitals survive in the future by offering speed to value and speed to money
  • Blockchain exists as a shared and continually reconciled database and is not stored on a centralized single server, making it virtually impossible for hackers to corrupt or steal data
  • Blockchain allows providers to quickly obtain and review vast amounts of data across different providers and healthcare facilities. It also allows them to securely share that information with patients, family members, caregivers, nurses and specialists

About Emory University: Emory University, a top-ranked private institution recognized internationally for its outstanding liberal arts colleges, graduate and professional schools, and one of the world's leading healthcare systems, is located on a beautiful campus in Atlanta, Georgia. Please visit For watching click here.

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