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Posted on Mon, Dec 1, 2014 @ 2:04 am

Understanding Your Digital Transformation Agenda:

How Do You Meet Customers’ Real-Time Expectations?

Thursday, December 4, 2014 from 1:00-1:30pm ET

Featuring Forrester Analyst John C. McCarthy and OFS CEO Rich Napoli!

With the pervasiveness of digital devices in today’s world, firms must rethink their business strategy – from the outside in – to capitalize on the competitive advantages that today’s digital technology provides.

The best digital experiences are ones that understand a customer’s complete journey, not just their current transactions with your company. Predicting your customer’s next most likely need by analyzing his prior purchase patterns, his current location through his smartphone, and his recent requests, lets you build innovative, engaging apps and services that make your customer likely to return. Rather than designing a technology stack around assembling components, it must be designed around the tasks that customers are actually trying to accomplish.

Building all this technology requires a whole new way of thinking and operation not only in the IT department, but the entire corporation as well. With the customer journey as the focus, it’s not just the front-end UI that needs attention – exceptional digital products require that you simplify all your systems on the back-end, too.

But reorganizing and re-operating in this way is a huge undertaking. And what’s more – customers are constantly changing their behavior faster than firms are evolving their business model, processes, and technology. Find out how to stay a step ahead of customers’ expectations and transform your business to provide meaningful digital experiences using an agile, product mindset.

Discover in 30 minutes:

  • Why it’s essential to understand your customer’s complete journey
  • How businesses today are using digital to drive engagement and revenue
  • How to adopt a Product Engineering Mindset to foster business agility
  • How to structure your organization and find the right skillsets
  • How to bridge the gap between customer expectations and the products you deliver

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