Bring speed and precision to the production side of your software release and accelerate your time-to-market.

The benefits of Agile development’s speed are often never fully realized, as software can get stuck in deployment limbo while Operations tries to make it production-ready. We help our clients eliminate that hold-up by automating the provisioning, configuration, build, test, deployment and monitoring of their software systems using the best DevOps tools available.

Our DevOps Services:

DevOps Evaluation

Just as Agile is essential to rapid development, an effective DevOps practice is critical to moving software quickly into production.

OFS can give you a detailed understanding of how a DevOps automation suite would benefit your product, analyzing your software, your development team, and your operations team and practices. From there, we advise you on how to implement a DevOps practice to dramatically improve future releases of your products, making the handoff between your development and operations teams a seamless one.

DevOps Automation

We help you build out your DevOps automation suite to automate the provisioning and deployment of your product

With our expertise, we will help you select and implement the right DevOps tools that will enable the automated provisioning, building, deployment, and monitoring of development, test, and production environments. We help you set up an effective DevOps practice to accelerate, improve, and transform the way you deploy quality software to your market.

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