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The OFS Digital Innovation Lab blueprints your new architecture and constructs a new platform of technologies and tools that integrates with social, mobile, analytics and cloud computing (SMAC), then builds new, game-changing products for a highly innovative digital world. While creating your new platform, we don't lose the assets of your previous technology in the process. We preserve your old software's good business knowledge.

how we help How We Help

OFS brings you up to speed with our Digital Innovation QuickStart Program. Our team of skilled technologists focuses on making the greatest innovative impact in a brief timeframe, giving you fast, demonstrable results for your business. Your IT team will get to experience our best practices in Agile development and DevOps as we quickly turn out game-changing software to your marketplace.

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Your Digital Innovation Lab QuickStart Package:

  • 6-Month Engagement
  • 8 Team Members: 2 Onshore, 6 Offshore
  • 1-3 Innovative Proof-of-Concept (POC) Projects, Depending on Size
  • $65K Total Per Month—Fixed Monthly Cost—No Overtime, No Expenses

digital innovation lab See our Digital Innovation Lab at work.

How We Deliver

We work with your employees to understand your customer's journey.

We develop customer journey maps that uncover the real motivations your customers have for using your products and services.

We help you choose up to 3 innovative POC projects.

These projects quickly make an impact on your products and services with ways to leverage social, mobile, analytics and cloud computing technologies.

Our technologists build POCs rapidly using agile development principles.

Our Agile development methodology gives you tangible results early on, so you’ll always get transparent progress to share with your executive team.

Our onshore/offshore collaboration model keeps costs low and quality high.

Your OFS Digital Innovation Team is a well-oiled, 8-person machine of onshore and offshore team members collaborating to deliver great results.

short time
We do all of this in a few short months.

You don't have to wait long to see it all come together. Our team helps you get new digital products to your market fast, so you can stay ahead of your competition.