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As the millennials enter their wealth-creation years, the financial services industry is being forced to adapt its core offerings to appeal to the desires of this new demographic group while streamlining processing.

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Our Work Includes

  Financial Index Distribution

We work with the largest distributor of financial indexes to improve their delivery to financial institutions.

 Mobile Insurance Claims

We developed a mobile version of a claims processing system for a large technology insurance company.

 Customer Engagement Kiosk

We innovated and created a unique kiosk app that entertained and educated customers while their taxes were being calculated at a large tax preparation firm’s locations.

 Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

We designed and built our own software product to handle AML for the Asian markets and still sell this in the Philippines and elsewhere.

Keeping Pace with the Millenials

As the millenials enter their wealth-creating years, they are demanding the same digitally friendly interactions they’ve come to expect from iTunes, Uber and Netflix. This is placing new demands on the banking, finance and insurance industries to make sure all their products and transactions can be offered and done digitally across all devices. With a large base of legacy technology platforms, the financial services industry must continue to innovate on the front end and engage their customers in modern, digital ways while streamlining their back-end systems to be able to simplify the delivery of their financial products.

OFS provides the innovative talent to build the front-end systems that drive user engagement while having the back-end engineering experience to link this all up to the critical systems that run the business.

Why Choose OFS?

  • OFS has been helping large firms in the capital markets, banking, and insurance arenas to build compelling software that opens up new markets and engages their customers.
  • From Anti-Money Laundering (AML) software products that track the movement of funds to financial indexes distribution across a variety of media, to kiosk systems for tax preparation firms, OFS has the innovative technical skills and industry knowledge to design and build new products to drive and protect revenues.
  • As product engineers, we understand the need to be multi-currency, multi-lingual and multi-tenant in the design of global financial software and we combine that knowledge with the latest in social, mobile, analytics, and cloud computing to make robust, secure, and configurable software.
  • Our senior executives have deep, specialized domain knowledge in building software products for the financial services space, acquired over their many years as senior managers in the capital markets and banking industries.

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