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OFS CEO Rich Napoli Participates in 2015 DC Tech Trek to Promote US Business Growth

February 11, 2015, Newtown, PA - Rich Napoli, CEO of ObjectFrontier Software, participated in TechAmerica's 2015 DC Fly-In event on Feb. 10-11 where top business leaders lobbied with members of US Congress to share and discuss issues critical to small and mid-sized American businesses.

Rich joined his fellow New Jersey Technology Council board members in Washington DC for the event and was able to speak with several house representatives and senators on how certain law changes would help promote innovation and growth in American businesses, boosting jobs and local economies.

The hot topics of the day included:

  • High-Speed Broadband Availability and Competition
  • Cybersecurity
  • High Skilled Immigration Reform

High Skilled Immigration Reform is a topic of particular importance to OFS, as our clients depend upon our high-skilled employees being able to work on-site for them for extended periods of time.

The root of the problem lies in that American technology companies currently face a deficit of skilled labor with which to produce their products. Locally-grown talent is not robust enough to sustain the growth of industry, and current immigration policy inhibits the ability of these companies to source talent from around the world.

Many foreign students come to the United States to study in one of the STEM disciplines, only to return to their countries of origin with their newfound skills. These bright and motivated individuals then foster the development of innovative technology sectors in their home countries, decreasing the competitive advantage held by the U.S. Furthermore, artificial restrictions on temporary worker visas (H-1B) exacerbate the difference in labor supply and demand. In order to remain competitive in the global market place, the U.S. must revise its immigration policies, allowing students and other highly skilled professionals to stay in the country and participate in stimulating the economy.

Rich's specific suggestions on this topic included -


  • The US must attract and educate more US students in the fields of computer science and information technology through better STEM programs. 

Short term:

  • More permanent visas need to be authorized to import highly-skilled talent from countries like India, which produces 250,000+ computer science graduates annually
  • Permanent visas should be automatically awarded to STEM graduates of US colleges in order to retain that talent
  • Incentives should be put in place for business to hire and retrain outdated technologists domestically to keep our US workforce competitive

With the ideas put forward by Rich and other top technologists and businesspeople on the Tech Trek, America's legislators were able to receive a better sense of what technology firms need from them in order to succeed and contribute to national economic growth.

The DC Fly-in was organized by TechAmerica, the public sector and public policy department of CompTIA - the Computing Technology Industry Association.

About the NJ Tech Council: The mission of the New Jersey Tech Council is to provide education, networking, resources, recognition and advocacy for the state and region's technology businesses. By collectively representing tech and life science companies and organizations, and the service companies that support them, the Council has the unique ability to offer opportunities to learn and network; provide access to resources including financing sources; recognize and promote technological innovation and accomplishment; and support public policy consistent to help strengthen the tech, innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems. Founded in 1996, the Tech Council is a private, not-for-profit membership organization. It is among the largest trade associations of its kind nationwide.

About TechAmerica: TechAmerica is the public sector and public policy department of CompTIA, advocating before decision makers at the state, federal and international levels of government. Representing technology companies of all sizes, TechAmerica is committed to expanding market opportunities and driving competitiveness of the U.S. technology industry around the world.

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