My company needs a digital business transformation to engage, grow and retain our customer base.
But where do we start?

Taking on the challenge of digitally transforming your business is overwhelming, especially when you’re not sure where your current technology stands. Making a case for why your company should invest in a digital transformation can be even more challenging, but putting the right tools and people in place can reap multiple benefits—including greater revenue and a bigger customer base.

Learn from top experts about the best tips, techniques, and frameworks that help justify digital business investment. You'll learn:

  • Why embracing digital business means a significant investment
  • How to adopt a test-and-learn approach to rolling out digital business initiatives
  • How to build your digital business case on multiple dimensions

Where does my company start with digital transformation?

OFS offers several services that can help you find out if your company’s current products—and the technology behind them—are capable of transformation into digital products that grow your revenue and customer base.

Digital Readiness Assessment – Architectural
Digital Readiness Assessment – Architectural

Over 4 short weeks, we evaluate your product’s UI, service orientation, back-end logic, and the scalability of all your existing mobile and cloud offerings to see what parts are well-suited for a digital transformation to utilize the latest social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies. After making a full assessment, we produce a detailed action plan aimed at giving your business the strategic digital edge you need to compete.

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Digital Readiness Assessment – Organizational
Digital Readiness Assessment - Organizational

We conduct a 4-week investigation of your organization to measure its capacities in Agile and DevOps methods and tools. We assess your development and operations practices to identify exactly where you can improve in order to operate at the 'digital speeds' necessary to win modern customers. Then, we lay out the precise steps and action items that will enable you to compete at this caliber.

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